About Us

Welcome to Green Life

Greenlife provides one-stop service solution for your windows and doors.

Green life is an Australian based family business company that has our own manufacturing overseas. This means we can provide you with a top-quality product at an affordable price as the produce is directly from our factory. This business model allows us to provide a double-glazed product that is price comparative to single glazed windows and doors. We are based in Melbourne and have office in Sydney but with the capacity to supply customers Australia wide.

Our cofounders have entered building industry in the year of 2000 when they imported the building materials overseas. The overseas factory is established in 2011, through dedication to quality and commitment to technology development. The factory has become the industry leader in precision manufacturing of high quality, energy efficient double-glazed aluminum products. Most importantly, what differentiate us is our factory has our own authentic Australian design and manufacturing windows and doors system and our factory takes advantages of reasonable factory costs and only focus on Australian local market. Also, we deeply understand Australian building requirements. Our double-glazed products are available in a great range of styles to provide any resident home or commercial building with a stylish look. Our products are available in aluminum frames in Interpol powder coatings colors to suit your requirements and come with local Doric quality hardware that will provide you with great security and a product suitable to our Australian environment.

Greenlife provides one-stop service solution for your windows and doors.

For your windows decisions, our friendly sales to provide you with technical consulting approach which will assist you in your windows and doors decision-making process.

Our experienced estimators can do the quotations effectively and efficiently after they receive drawings and energy requirements documents.

Regarding local delivery service, we will ensure your ordered products arriving your site timely and intact.

Our installation team has the necessary industry experience and expertise. They will provide you good service whether it is a new project or a retrofit job. As to after-sales problems, most importantly, our company has acknowledged the pain points of our industry. For instances, sometimes the project experiences windows sizes, damage or glass issues. We can solve issues timely and quickly as we have stocks locally and our all Australian design sections are easy to find alternatives locally. We are proud of making Australian products overseas rather than making overseas products for Australia.